Enjoy Diwali safely says police

The Fiji Police Force would like everyone to be safe during this Diwali.

Fiji Police Force Chief Operations Officer (COO), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Rusiate Tudravu said people should enjoy the festival to the fullest but on the other hand they need to be careful.

“It is the festival of light and everyone should enjoy it, but we are reminding people to do it sensibly. This celebration is associated with fireworks, candles and diyas have been proven in the past to be main causes of fires during this time”, said ACP Tudravu.

The officer in charge of Police operations said that a lot of children will play with fire crackers during this time and they need strict adult supervision.

“There have been reports in the past years of children injured by firecrackers and this year we do not want a repeat of those incidents,” ACP Tudavu said.

Police is calling on members of the communities to have in mind that major exams for our children are underway and they should not be carried away during the celebrations.

Police is also issuing a stern warning to businessmen selling fire crackers to only sell what has been approved by authorities.

ACP Tudavu added that Diwali is also a time when families will visit their relatives while leaving their homes vacant.

“My advice to people who are thinking of visiting their relatives during Diwali is to inform their nearest Police Stations or Community Posts for regular patrols to be organise ,” he said.

He adds that Police will be on full operation and alert.

The Fiji Police Force would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe but yet enjoyable Diwali for 2013.




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