EX scholar returns as chief guest


Life is not just about marks or grades or standing first or second in class, which is off course very important in many respects, but most important is about developing a confident and a truthful personality.

You must learn to see every action objectively, rationalize these, learn to differentiate between the good and the bad, and learn to develop sensitivity towards the world around you.

You must also learn to care for others, be compassionate and try and contribute in your own way to the society in whatever field you choose to excel in.

These were the words of Mr Mohenesh Singh (Member of the Order Of Fiji) and youngest FNU outstanding Alumni award winner, speaking at Mahrishi Sanatan College annual awards function.

Singh(MF) said we do indeed need to equip our children with life-long skills to prepare them for adulthood.

He added that It is our collective responsibility as we guide and mold the leaders of tomorrow – for it is on them that the future will have to depend. Today each and every parent and each and every teacher have to ask themselves what universal values we uphold in us and model to our children.

The high light of the function was where the school management was award with special award for recognition of their achievement towards caring for Maharishi Sanatan College and taking them towards success.

Singh (MF) thanked the management team and the teachers for their continuous effort and commitment towards this school which has really grown from the time he was the student.

“I can therefore say with confidence to all the students of this Great School that “your future is in safe hands and in right hands to make you not only successful in your respective fields, but also as wonderful human beings, and as an asset to our society.” Said Mr. Singh (MF).


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