FCOSS steps forward


Fiji Council of Social Services [FCOSS] concluded its strategic direction workshop today – 9th January, to determine the future direction of the organisation as part of its institutional strengthening process.

“The move came after series of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) meetings where it became evident that there is a need for effective coordination and collaboration amongst CSOs including reviewing the role of FCOSS as a CSO coordination agency in Fiji,” said FCOSS Officer-In-Charge Neil Maharaj.

Over the past 12 months, FCOSS has had a series of CSO meetings to determine its future directions where members, partners and stakeholders agreed that FCOSS goes through a reform process to take necessary steps to strengthen the organisation.

In the strategic direction workshop, where the technical support was provided Pacific Island Association of Non-Government Organisation [PIANGO], the new Executive board and management staff of the council came up with draft statements of the new direction which will be circulated shortly.

PIANGO Executive Director, Emele Duituturaga said, “This is commendable that the FCOSS Board is taking the bold step to revisit their purpose, mandate and future directions, given Fiji has come through a turbulent past. FCOSS and the civil society sector in Fiji have a key role to play in contributing to national stability and poverty reduction.

The workshop also concluded with key step forwards for the organisation in coming months to strengthen itself as an effective organisation to create a vibrant and collaborative civil society sector in Fiji.

Consultation meetings with members and important stakeholders will be pursued to obtain views towards the draft document which will determine the future directions of the institution.

PIANGO will continue to provide technical support as part of institutional strengthening process for FCOSS.

For more information, please feel free to contact FCOSS Officer-In-Charge Mr Neil Maharaj on phone 9993663 or email projects@fcoss.org.fj.



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