The chief executive officer for the Fiji Development Bank (6/03)launched the FDB Market in Suva today (6/03).To be held at the FDB car park located on Victoria Parade, Suva, the inaugural market will be held on 15 March followed by a market day every second Saturday of the month.

The market hours are from 6am to 1pm.

The market will host a range of commodities from agro-produce to processed foods and white goods. It is also an opportunity for people to see and appreciate the diverse kind of businesses that are supported through financing from FDB.

The market is an initiative of the bank to provide a business synergy amongst its clients as well as between clients and future long term customers.

“The market is a means of encouragement also for the much smaller business or startups with FDB, who can make valuable business connections with the larger more established clients,”says FDB’s chief executive officer, Mr. Deve Toganivalu.

“For our smaller agricultural clients, this market is expected to provide the impetus to increase acreage under farm and thereby increasing income and improving livelihoods.”

The FDB clients selling at the market will show the complementary nature of their goods and services.

“We’re very proud of our customers and we would like to show the people of Fiji the opportunities that exist in business if you have the courage to transform an idea into an enterprise,” Mr. Toganivalu added.






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