Fiji citizens released after engaging in a silent protest


At around 11.15am this morning six Fiji Women’s Rights Movement staff, including The Board Vice-President, staff from the Pacific Centre for Peace-building and approximately six other Fiji citizens were taken into custody by the police outside the President’s (Government) House.

They are currently at the Criminal Investigation Department in Toorak, Suva and as of 11.40am have been formally arrested and have had their phone seized – charge yet to be confirmed to the citizens in custody.

They were part of a group of citizens silently protesting against the Constitution, which the Fiji President is due to sign this morning.

After refusing to put down protest banners, they were taken into custody and transported to Toorak.

Meanwhile Police Spokesperson, Ana Naisoro has confirmed that a group of people were taken in for questioning this morning and have been questioned and released. The group were taken in for allegedly assembling in a public place without a permit. They have been released pending investigation.

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