Fiji Muslim League assists Vanuatu Pam victims


A community on Tanna receives assistance from Fiji Muslim League

The Fiji Muslim League has donated wide range of food, housing, school materials, roofing materials, water containers, mosquito nets, canned food, rice cooking pots sugar, salt, breakfast biscuits and more valued at $38,147.50 Fijian dollar or an equivalent of Vt3.8 million to the affected communities of Vanuatu.
After the cyclone Pam struck Vanuatu and caused wide spread damage to the human life and properties, the Fiji Muslim League from the Republic of Fiji sent a two-member delegation, Mr. Abdul Qayyum Khan and Mr. Muhammed Shamim Ali, to Vanuatu on March 27, 2015 to do a survey so that assistance could be provided to the disaster stricken people.
During the initial visit the team managed to do some relief work and distributed food rations to 125 families that included, canned mutton, sugar, rice, tin fish, biscuits, noodles and cooking oil.
On their return the team in consultation with Fiji Muslim League executives and its counterpart organization Human International Australia decided to send a 20-foot container load of relief items to be distributed in Port Vila and Tanna areas.
The items arrived in Vanuatu and was cleared on April 20 and the Muslim League of Fiji is appreciative of the immediate assistance provided by the Director of NDMO for providing duty waiver for the relief items and the Department of Revenue and Customs that facilitated the immediate action for release of consignment.
The items were loaded on Tauraken II and transported to Tanna. The organizers appreciated the concessional rates offered that enabled the team to ship all items to Tanna and were transported to Middle Bush area and distributed to the people which the organizers say include areas of Lenakel, Middle Bush, Iwel, Lonatum, Lowantopis, Lehul, IImana, Lawakal, Lomenafil and the people residing on the main road to Middle Bush from Lenakel.
In Port Vila, the assistance was also provided to the affected communities in Fresh Water, Mele, Erakor Road, Blue Water White Fowl and Teouma Bush (Chicko Farm area).
The Fiji Muslim League has expressed appreciation to the Vanuatu authorities, Muslim volunteers and Human Appeal Australia, local agents, Director NDMO and the affected people of Vanuatu for assistance and patience in waiting to receive the assistance.


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