Deputy Secretary Hospital Services Dr Metuisela Tuicakau hands over the medical supplies. The two yachts in the background will deliver the supplies to Tonga.

The Fijian Government today handed over medical relief supplies worth more than $150,000 assist Tonga in its efforts to treat those that were affected by cyclone Ian.

The supplies were today loaded to two yachts that would carry them to Tonga’s northern island of Ha’api.

The Ministry of Health’s Deputy Secretary for Hospital services Dr Metuisela Tuicakau said the Fijian Government was pleased to assist its closest neighbor.

“The donations will assist the Tongan health department to meet the needs of their communities and we extend our (Fiji’s) well wishers to Tonga in providing health care needs during this challenging period,” he said.

“The Fijian Government will continue to assist out regional neighbours during difficult situation if we are called upon.”

The one tonne load of equipment will leave Port Vuda Marina this afternoon on board two yachts belonging to Sea Mercy – a charitable organisation.

“The gesture of the Fijian government towards its closest neighbor is very warm and encouraging said Xavier Zeitoun a captain on one of the two yachts.

“Your (Fiji’s) generous response with medicines and supplies has exceeded our expectations,” Zeitoun said.

“I also believe it has set a new standard of giving, and example of goodwill between not only Tonga and Fiji, but for all the islands of the South Pacific when disasters strike and we (Sea Mercy) commend Fiji for its assistance.”

Tonga’s Minister for Health Lord Tu’i’afitu stated in a letter that the relationship between Tonga and Fiji remained intact despite the many challenges the two countries face.

“The generous support provided by the Ministry of Health and the Fijian Government, have proven again and again that there is an unbreakable bond of brotherhood and friendship that ties Fiji and Tonga together,” Lord Tu’i’afitu said in his letter.

“It proves that as friends and family, living together in this beautiful blue continent of ours, we will always look after each other when most needed. We are indebted to you all in Fiji.”


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