Caption: Rishikul Sanatan College students. Photo: MINFO.

Thousands of students across the nation today began their Fiji Seventh Form (FSFCE) Examinations with most school principals anticipating a high pass rate for their students.

Rishikul Sanatan College principal Mr Gyan Sumer said that his school is one of the High Performing schools in the Suva area and this is attributed to students passing over the 300 threshold marks.

“Our students have been performing very well in the past, last year we had 98% pass in Fiji seventh form examination, and we hope to maintain or surpass the results this year”, he says.

Adi Macuata Lewanaia, a form seven student at the school was among the 6600 Form 7 students from across the country who sat for the examination. Adi Macuata said she was happy that she had completed her first paper. “My first paper was Chemistry and it was so easy and I am looking forward to the next paper.”

“I would like to thank all the parents and guardians for their support and cooperation to the school  and to their children and wards and also providing them with all the necessities , guiding them well to do their work well at home to study up and gear up for the exams this year.”

There are 158 centers within the country in which this examination is instituted, an increase of 4 centers. In comparison to 2012, 154 centers wrote the Fiji Seventh Form Examination. One of the initiatives of the Ministry of Education is to make primary and secondary education accessible to all students irrespective of their geographical isolation. For 2013, 4 secondary schools such as Ratu Luke Secondary School in Bua, Nabala Secondary School in Macuata, Rotuma High School in the island of Rotuma and Kalabu Secondary School in Suva were given approval to start form 7.

Education Minister, Filipe Bole expressed well wishes to students around the country as they began their examinations. The Fiji Form Seven Examination ends on Tuesday, 12 November.




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