Caption: Fiji’s Resident Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Ambassador Filimone Kau, presented his credentials to the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Mr Abdulaziz Kamilov.Photo:SUPPLIED.

Fiji’s Resident Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Ambassador Filimone Kau, has presented his credentials to the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Mr Abdulaziz Kamilov.

The presentation marks a significant day in the history of diplomatic and mutual friendly relations between the two countries which was formally established in 2010; Ambassador Kau is now Fiji’s first Non-Resident Ambassador to the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Ambassador Kau said that this is first time in the history of Fiji’s foreign relations that a diplomat present diplomatic credentials to a central Asian country.

“It is certainly a milestone achievement for our foreign policy to establish a non-resident ambassadorial appointment to your great nation, considered the heart of the central Asian region. I bring greetings from the Head of State, the Head of Government and the people of the Republic of Fiji,” Ambassador Kau said.

He added that the Fijian Government is hopeful that the appointment as Fiji’s first Non-Resident Ambassador to the Republic of Uzbekistan will strengthen friendly relations between the two countries and be beneficial to both Governments in terms of technical, cultural, economic and social cooperation.

“Your Excellency, Fiji and the Republic of Uzbekistan can share great values of friendship through cooperation in the fields of sports, tourism, education and trade.”

“Our countries can also support each other at the international fora by advocating for the protection and preservation of our sovereign rights as independent states,” he added.

In accepting the credentials, His Excellency Mr Kamilov said the Republic of Uzbekistan stood to benefit greatly from its diplomatic relations with Fiji particularly in fostering the welfare of its citizens through trade and investment, tourism, people to people diplomacy and cultural exchange.

“The promotion of these areas will be at the heart of my tenure and I look forward to cementing new levels of cooperation in other areas of technical and economic cooperation, tourism and at the UN level between our people.”

H.E Kamilov also expressed interest in rugby saying it is one of the fastest growing sports in the Republic of Uzbekistan. “We have heard that Fijians are among the best rugby players in the world and we want to learn from the best,” he said.

Following the presentation, Ambassador Kau met with the Minister for Economic Relations, Investment and Trade Mr Elyor Ganiev, the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr Alisher Shayhov, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and President of the Uzbekistan Rugby Federation Mr Sadiq Safaev and the Chairman of the Uzbekistan Tourism Board Mr Farukkh Rizaev.




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