Fiji Cultural Performance Dance Group at Busan City Korea.Photo:SUPPLIED


Fiji’s cultural performing dance group that recently participated at the 5th International Youth Fellowship World Cultural Camp in Busan received US $3,000 as Gold Medal performance winners.


The group which consisted of members of the National Youth Band left Fiji last month to compete against cultural dance groups from the Peoples Republic of China, Philippines and two representative groups from India, South Korea and the Democratic Republic of Togo.


The Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou has shown his appreciation with the group’s achievement given the limited time of preparation they had.


“I am indeed very pleased with the results of the cultural performances because with little less than one month of preparations by the group and for them to achieve this is a great indicator for us,” he said.


“Winning the Gold Medal at this World Cultural Camp is an achievement that augurs well for the display of our culture and these youths as it is a major achievement because they showcased our culture to the world and have received its reward,” added Hon. Tuitubou.


He stated that with the achievement of this feat, next year’s preparations would be improved.


“At such an international event like this and following this accomplishment by our cultural dance group we will work to better it come next year,” Minister Tuitubou said.


The Philippines cultural performing dance group won the Major Prize of US $5,000 followed by Fiji with the Gold Medal and the Democratic Republic of Togo with Silver Medal and a prize of US $2,000.

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