Caption:The Ministry’s Acting permanent secretary Esala Nayas.Photo:SUPPLIED.

THE Ministry of Foreign Affairs is advising all those who wish to secure employment overseas to only go through authorized recruiting agencies to avoid being duped by bogus overseas employers.

The caution comes in the wake of an incident where a Fijian woman is reportedly overstaying in Kuwait.

The Ministry’s Acting permanent secretary Esala Nayasi said that Fane Takalaiyale Traill’s case has been reported in the media recently detailing her plight there.

Mr Nayasi reiterated the advise made by the Ministry of Labour has called on the general public especially those who wish to go and work in the Middle East that they must first understand the work cultures and employment practices there before they even consider going.

Given the strict rules observed by countries in the Middle East, Mr Nayasi said the responsibility was on individuals to find out and have a feel of what they signing up for prior to departure.

Mr Nayasi said the Fiji Mission in Abu Dhabi was trying to find a solution to Ms Traill’s case.At the moment, Ms Traill and her son whom she delivered there are both staying illegally in Kuwait.The Fiji Mission is liaising with the Kuwaiti authorities hoping to get Ms Traill and her son to return to Fiji.



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