Caption:Health Minister Hon. Jone Usamate leads the walk at Colour Fiji __Raang de Viti__walk in Lautoka.Photo:SUPPLIED.

A community health walk organised in Lautoka today was an opportunity for the Hon. Minister for Health and Medical Services Jone Usamate to urge Fijians not be complacent with NCDs.

While NCDs is the common abbreviated form for non-communicable diseases, this commonality also extends to the high number of deaths in Fiji related to NCDs. While the inaugural Colour Fiji “Raang de Viti” walk is intended to get more Fijians to be more health conscience, the Hon. Minister used the event to reiterate the dangers of NCDs.

“NCDs are avoidable; no excuses and do not wait until it’s too late and be thankful that you have legs to walk around as there are many who are regretting,” Hon. Usamate said in reference to those who have had to undergo leg amputations because of NCDs.

In a country where 80 per cent of deaths are NCDs-related, the Minister said that Fijians cannot continue to ignore the warnings issued by health authorities.

“We need to change our thinking and change our ways, incorporate our lives to ‘Wellness lifestyle’ – to eat healthy foods, eat the right amounts of foods and be physically active.”

“Every individual must take responsibility of their own health and ensure they exercise and health healthy.”



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