Caption: Applicants for the New Zealand seasonal workers scheme.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The pilot 30 Fijian workers selected today under the New Zealand Regional Employment Service must make a good first impression to keep this window of opportunity open for their compatriots.

This was highlighted by the Hon. Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jioji Konrote to the 23 men and 7 women picked out through barrel selection to work hard and return home after their seven months contract expired.

He said in light of the provisions of the 2013 Constitution, Government was providing this opportunity to rural dwellers to meet its commitment of distributing the benefits of development.

“Our Government’s overall policy for the participation of Fijian workers in the NZ RSE work scheme and future foreign employment engagement is based on transparency, equity, fairness, follow the rule of law and non-discrimination,” Minister Konrote said.

The final selection of the 30 workers from the 101 who made it through the rigorous and intensive selection process including medical, police clearance and fitness test, are expected to leave by the end of this month.

New Zealand High Commissioner to Fiji, H.E Mark Ramsden, said the future and success of the RSE was dependent on the relationship between the employer and the worker.

“The value of people to people relationship which comes out of RSE and that is what grows the scheme,” he said.

“In many ways you are ambassadors of your country and the future of the scheme will be riding on your shoulders.”

High Commissioner Ramsden clarified that the RSE was not an aid programme but a commercial relationship although it was more holistic than the usual and average commercial connection.

Minister Konrote asked those that did not make it through the selection not to despair as they form the ‘Work Ready Pool’ that will be tapped into for future work schemes.

The selected workers will work with Pick Hawkes Bay Incorporated (Fruit picking) in Hawkes Bay and EastPack (Fruit Processing Factory for Exports) in Bay of Plenty.

The selected personnel for the New Zealand scheme includes the following:

1. Maraia Rokotina Turagakacivi

2. Necani Qele

3. Lai Waqaiquma

4. Sereana Malai

5. Ilaisa Doraisavu

6.  Ratu Kubou Wiriwiri

7.  Jese Naigulevu

8.  Vilivo Cakau

9. Eliki Tabaka

10. Timoci Qabale

11. Waqasalabogi Naulivou

12. Rupeni Digitaki Savu

13. Azeena Begum

14. Lorima Takawai

15. Eparama Narawa

16. Saimoni Narawa

17. Ema Nasole

18. Apakuki Mete

19. Josua Nukurawa

20.  Paulo Vulalo

21. Sekove Madraiwiwi

22. Waisale Tuirara

23. Ratu Luke Batilekaleka

24.  Lui Sikeli

25.  Waisale Tora

26.  Asinate Vonowale

27. Titilia Ravono

28. Napolioni Baleibaravi

29. Verenika Ratu

30. Timoci Nasara



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