National Fire Authority (NFA) completed Fire Safety training for bus drivers of three different bus companies in the Western Division last week.

Kadar Buksh Transport Limited bus drivers, Lautoka General and M.R. Khan Transport bus drivers in Lautoka underwent the Fire Safety training in Lautoka last week.

The training was a collaborative effort between the NFA and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to educate Public Service Vehicle drivers on basic fire safety procedures and drills.

NFA CEO John O’Connor said this training was very important for the bus drivers.

“This course will assist the bus operators to reduce the risk of a fire in the buses. The course examines the phenomenon of fire and pays particular attention to identifying fire hazards or pre-combustion risks and early detection.

“Before bus drivers take their daily route, it is very important that they check their buses and this training will enable the bus drivers to identify those risks involved in their buses which can cause a fire and this can be rectified quickly before a fire disaster incidents occur,” Mr O’Connor said.

 “Through this training, bus drivers have also learnt how to initiate the appropriate response in case of a fire incident and understand their role in saving lives whenever they encounter any drastic or unforeseen life threatening situations.

“Bus drivers were also taken through basic fire drills including the use of fire extinguishers. Part of the training include the safe evacuation of the bus passengers in different scenarios.

Forty-two bus drivers from the three different bus companies in Lautoka attended the Fire Safety training last week in Lautoka.

Mr O’Connor thanked this bus companies for taking the initiative and ensuring that their drivers were appropriately trained to manage fire safety risk in their buses.

“Early response to bus fires is vital and the driver is the best person to initiate action if the bus is on fire, therefore, it is very important that bus drivers receive the necessary training.

Mr O’Connor is encouraging all bus operators and its drivers to participate in this training as it will enhance their knowledge when it comes to unforeseen threatening situations.


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