Firefighters respond to two house fires

The National Fire Authority (NFA) attended to two house fire incidents in the last 24 hours. Last night at 2346hrs, the NFA Valelevu fire team responded to a fire call at Saqali Street in Nadera.

Upon arrival the fire teams saw the last flat of the block of the Housing Authority barracks was engulfed with smoke and flames.

Firefighters used deliveries of water from the fire trucks and fire hydrant to extinguish the fire within the flat and stopped the fire from spreading to other four flats in the same barrack.

Further, at 0727hrs this morning, the NFA Nausori fire team received another fire emergency call that a property at Davuilevu Housing was on fire.

The Nausori and Valelevu fire teams responded immediately and when they arrived they saw that the property (corrugated iron and timber lean-to house) was fully engulfed with flames and the fire had started to spread to a nearby property.

The fire teams used deliveries of water from the truck and hydrants to extinguish the fire and stopped it from spreading to a neighbouring house which was just a few metre away from this fire scene.

NFA CEO John O’Connor is again reminding members of the community on the importance of fire safety.

“Fire safety is very important and our advice to all members of the community is to take extra care to avoid a fire from happening in their home.

“An important aspect of fire safety is to conduct the fire safety checks at home which will enable the home owners to identify and control any possible fire risk in their property.


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