Caption: Foneology Technical Manager Dhiren Gupta and Senior Technician Salesh Chand receiving an official accreditation certificate of Foneology being a Samsung Authorised Dealer Service Centre from Samsung New Zealand CE Network Manager Joshua Milner in Suva last week.

FIJI now has its first and only accredited Samsung mobile phone warranty service centre.

Foneology adds Samsung to its list of accredited manufactures, which already includes Alcatel, Aspera, Motorola, and Sony mobile.

“The Foneology repair center repairs phones with the above brands which also includes warranty repairs,” Foneology Managing Director, Mr James Trusler said.

“If any phone of these brands fail and it is still under official manufacture warranty for Fiji, Foneology will repair it free of charge to the end user”.

Samsung has gone one step further that also allows Foneology to repair a tourist’s phone under warranty if it was purchased via official channels in Australia or New Zealand.

“Consumers must understand that when they take their phone to an accredited mobile phone service center for repairs, they are assured that they will receive genuine spare parts as well as genuine software,” Mr Trusler said.

“Foneology purchases spare parts directly from the manufacture, which are all 100% genuine and approved spare parts at the highest quality.”

Mr Trusler said Samsung was also sending a specialised trainer with specialised equipment so that Foneology could repair Samsung water resistant phones such as the Samsung S5.

“This is a complex task which requires specialised equipment that includes putting the phone in a special oven type machine for a certain amount of time,” Mr Trusler said.

“Those that need their phone repaired should take their phone to any Vodafone outlet and request for it to be sent to Foneology,” Mr Trusler said.

Foneology is Fiji’s largest mobile phone warranty service centre that provides warranty repair services in Fiji for Alcatel, Aspera, Motorla, Samsung and Sony mobile as well as factory refurbishment services for Alcatel for the Australia and New Zealand markets.

The company also specialises in GPS Vehicle Tracking, e-ticketing, Bus Wi-Fi & CCTV.




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