FNPF and FRCA to release joint ID cards

The Fiji National Provident Fund and the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority will issue their Joint Identity Card to members of the public from Monday, next week.

The collaboration initiative is an extension and enhancement to the Memorandum of Understanding reached on 12 September, 2011 which is aimed at maximising revenue and contributions through effective and efficient information sharing.

The two institutions would endeavor to explore opportunities that arise from the synergy and in particular adding value to the Joint ID for the convenience and benefit of members and customers alike.

The card will be rolled out in phases and by locations as the process will affect over 700,000 taxpayers.

The card will be issued first to 250,000 FNPF members, who also have a Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Both organisations have identified Suva as the first location for the card rollout as it has a majority of the country’s workers.

The rollout to the rest of the country will be announced in due course.

In recent weeks, FNPF and FRCA have been testing the new system with the pilot phases conducted for internal and external parties.

Both organisations share a common database, which contains only the necessary details for the issuance of the card. All the other details such as members’ balances or taxpayer details are not shared by the two parties.

The issuance of the Joint ID Card is also an opportunity for the two organisations to cleanse their data for consistency in records.

For this reason, the Birth Certificate has been made a primary document for the validation of names. The Birth Certificate must be a full extract and should contain the birth registration number. The verification of names is very important to prevent identity thefts and to also ensure that the names recorded with both institutions are consistent with the records kept by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

FRCA Chief Executive, Mr Jitoko Tikolevu said there have been identity thefts as well as people holding numerous TINs.

FNPF Chief Executive Mr Aisake Taito said the new cards would enhance members & taxpayers experience in obtaining services that require these key identifiers.

To obtain a joint ID card, the following is required:

1. Completion of the joint card request form to register and obtain the new FRCA/FNPF Identification (ID) card.

2. Submission of the full extract of Birth Certificate, which has the birth registration number. Birth certificates that were issued prior to 2000, do not contain this

3. Submission of the FNPF card.

4. In the absence of the above, a photo ID such as the Electronic Voter Registration (EVR) card, Driving License, Passport, employee ID. The photo must be easily recognisable as a true likeness of the person.

In the absence of a photo ID, members of the public may submit a passport sized photo certified by a Justice of Peace, Provincial Administrator, Commissioner or Oaths or by FNPF/FRCA Customer Service Counter Officers. Women who wish to use their marriage name will have to also submit their marriage certificates.

The existing FNPF card has to be returned when the new FRCA/FNPF ID card is issued.

Those who have a Tax Identification Number only will be issued with the Joint ID Card later in the year.

They may use their TIN letters until then.

Jitoko Tikolevu & Aisake Taito


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