FIJI Roads Authority (FRA) has come to a consensus with bus operators on the road maintenance needs of the Northern Division.

FRA maintenance works manager Dale Nicholls said the meeting with five bus companies has resulted in realignment of  the authority’s plans for repair and maintenance works with requirements of people and stakeholders in the division.

About $ 5million has been allocated for repair and maintenance works which involves resealing of over 40 kilometres of gravel road that is beyond normal maintenance works

Following the meeting, the bus operators, FRA and consultants MWH Global have information on the key sections where major works is required, Mr Nicholls said.

The bus companies have additionally requested FRA to take a vigilant approach towards potholes and carry out routine maintenance works.

The FRA will  soon have its own set -up to provide better services to the people and stakeholders in the North

The meeting was facilitated by the Divisional Commissioner Northern, Mr Ilai Moceica which also saw attendance of the Land Transport Authority and Fiji Police Force.

Prominent bus company, Parmod Transport was present at the meeting and also represented three other operators in the North.


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