“FRCA should inculcate a culture of excellence”

Public Service Commission Permanent Secretary, Mr Parmesh Chand yesterday reminded the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority to inculcate a culture of excellence.

“I firmly believe that to ensure that FRCA continues with its outstanding performance and ensure its sustainability, it should embark on inculcating a culture of excellence in the organization,” Mr Chand said while speaking at the launch of the Authority’s 2014 Service Excellence Programme.

“As in any other public sector organization, FRCA has its own organizational culture within which sub-cultures exist throughout your various work units.

“By establishing a culture of excellence based on clear operational characteristics and expectations, FRCA will not only further enhance its performance and competitiveness but also team unity and support.”

Mr Chand added that FRCA had already shown indicators and the potential to win the Prime Minister’s Award in the Service Excellence Award in the future as well as becoming a world class taxation and customs agency.

FRCA Chief Executive, Mr Jitoko Tikolevu who launched the programme said the revenue target of $2.039billion for 2014 would not be easy.

However, Mr Tikolevu said achieving the target and providing an excellent service was not impossible.

He also reminded his employees that excellence was not a skill but an attitude.

The Service Excellence Awards, now on to its ninth year was an initiative of the Civil Service Reform under the Productivity Management platform.

“It is essentially a mechanism focused at achieving the highest levels of excellence in all areas of organizational operations and performance with the ultimate aim of having a world class public sector,” Mr Chand said.

Mr Chand said the program has contributed tremendously to making the public sector more visible. It has inculcated a culture of excellence and continuous improvement among the various Government Agencies.



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