FRU rules in favour of Nadi

The FRU Games Committee have made a ruling on the Complaint lodged by the Nadi Rugby Union against the Vatukoula Rugby Union in regards to Seremaia Burotu who played for Vatukoula on Saturday 18 May 2013.

In a letter to the Vatukoula Rugby Union, the Games Committee stated that they took into account the various arguments stated by Vatukoula Rugby Union but the Digicel Cup competition is administered  and governed  by the 2013 Digicel  Cup Rules and Regulations period.

With regard to overseas based players these regulations are specific and are there to protect both the player and the Union he intends to play for.

In the case of Seremaia Burotu Digicel Cup regulation 6.10.6 refers:

“Players playing overseas shall be eligible to represent  their local clubs or unions on the condition  they are registered  and bona fide members  of that Club or Union prior to playing in the competition  and  they have an official written release from their respective overseas club.”

As  no  official  written  release  was  forthcoming  from  the  Vatukoula  Rugby  Union  (as  is highlighted in the above clause) Burotu was never eligible to take the field for Vatukoula in the match against Nadi.

In this regard the Games Committee has ruled pursuant to Digicel Cup clause 6.11.2. the Vatukoula Rugby Union has been found guilty of not following the required procedures, as outlined in Regulation 6.10.6 and the Vatukoula team will forfeit its points and the Nadi team declared the winner.

With this ruling the Nadi Rugby Union receives 5 points to their tally while the Vatukoula Rugby Union loses 5 points.


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