FWCC stresses on the importance of independence day

Caption: Shamima Ali. File Photo.

The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre has called on all the citizens of Fiji not to forget the true meaning of independence while celebrating Fiji Day on Thursday 10th October.

“While we celebrate the 43rd Anniversary of Fiji’s independence from colonial rule, we must not forget the importance of accountable democratic governance, the Rule of Law and human rights,” said Shamima Ali, the Coordinator of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre.

“In particular, we must continue to strive towards building a country which is built on these ideals, and in which all citizens can enjoy all rights and freedoms.”

Ms Ali added that while love for our country is an admirable quality, we must not forget that there are many aspects of governance in Fiji which are a cause for concern, and which must be addressed if all citizens are to enjoy equal access to all rights and freedoms.

“These include access to justice, access to health services, social welfare and education. This is particularly so for women and other marginalised groups in society, who despite 43 years of independence, are yet to achieve substantive equality and autonomy over their lives,” said Ms Ali.

The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre calls upon the Government and people of Fiji not to forget the disadvantaged, and to remember that freedom from colonial rule is of no consequence if the rights and freedoms of all Fijians are not supported and respected.


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