Girmityas Remembrance Day


Today marks an important day for the fellow Indo-Fijians, as it is the 134th anniversary of Girmit in Fiji.

According to the Fiji Girmit Foundation, they will remember the Girmitiyas with honour, their dreams, their hardship and their life- a past which has positively influenced this day.

This day will also be remembered as the day, the first sail ship, Leonidas, arriced in Fiji with a cargo of 479 Girmitiyas. Eighty-six other ships followed and landed 60, 553 recruits in Fiji.

Indentured system (Girmit) then succeeded the system of slavery.

Meanwhile, Fiji will also remember this day when former prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka staged the first of two military coups, in 1987.

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