Global Young MPs Focus on a Better Future

Today, young parliamentarians from across the globe gather in Negombo, Sri Lanka to advocate for more inclusive and youth-focused solutions to pressing global issues.

The Second Global Young Parliamentarians’ Consultation on ICPD and Post 2015 UN Development Agenda will look at the progress made in the implementation of the Programme of Action adopted by 179 nations in 1994 in Cairo at the International Conference on Population and Development.

“As we approach the 20-year timeline of the ICPD implementation, it is of utmost importance to mobilize young parliamentarians since they will be co-architects inre-creating the future of their countries. They should take ownership of the ICPD agenda and hold themselves accountable for its implementation beyond 2014,” said Ramon San Pascual, Executive Director of the Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD).

The young MPs will review the result of the UN global survey on the ICPD implementation and identify global priority issues, and gaps and challenges.

“The recommendations of the young parliamentarians from this Consultation will help shape the discussions on the post-2015 global development framework, by providing clear legislative actions to address these issues,” said Dianne Stewart, Director, Information and External Division of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA IERD).

According to Hon. Tissa Karalliyadda, Minister of Child Development and Women’s Affairs Sri Lanka and Chair of AFPPD Standing Committee of Male Parliamentarians on Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls, “Young people have so much untapped potential. They are invaluable stakeholders in promoting sustainable human development. We must involve them in all our development efforts.”

Youth employment, sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender and women empowerment, and population dynamics are key issues that young MPs will discuss intently in this Consultation.

“The youth statements delivered at different regional population and development conferences carry the same message of youth inclusion in decision-making, access to comprehensive sexuality education and youth friendly services, and that resources be made available for them to reach their full potential. Governments need to act on this,”Hon. Mr. Antonio Rosario Niquice, Member of Parliament, Mozambique said.

The two-day Consultation is organized by AFPPD in collaboration with UNFPA IERD and hosted by the Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Affairs, Sri Lanka.

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