Labour Minister, Jone Usamate highlighted that “this was achieved through further investigation and inspection of workplaces carried out by the ministry’s Complaints and Resolution Team (CRT) and the District Offices.”

The Ministry helped to recover $185,339.92 in arrears for the wages of 73 employees who were made redundant from a prominent resort after Hurricane Evans at the end of last year.

Ms Titilia Rogo, a complainant from Lautoka who was employed with the resort, testified that she is very thankful for the timely assistance that the ministry provided to arrange the recovery of her wage arrears.

“I would like to sincerely thank the honourable Minister for the timely road show in ensuring that we get what we are entitled to,” Ms Rogo added.

Mr Eminoni Labalaba, a resident of Rukua, Beqa personally thanked the Minister for looking after workers needs. He stated that social justice has prevailed after the Ministry followed up the payment of his redundancy package .

The ministry held this road show to address employment related concerns raised by workers, employers and stakeholders in their re­spective districts. The roadshow commits the Ministry to provide an open door policy and bringing its services to the people.

He also visited the ministry’s district offices and urged labour staff in the division to be customer focused and commit towards the Ministry’s goals for the benefit of ordinary Fijians.


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