CAPTION: The Permanent Secretary for Education, Dr.Brij Lal and the school principal, Mr.Anil Shankaran with the students of South Taveuni in front of the new school building.

Government has commended the commitment by officials and parents in the rural communities for their commitment to providing education to children around the country.

This was pointed out by the Ministry of Education permanent secretary Dr Brij Lal when he opened a new school block at Taveuni Secondary School.

The school which recently opened its doors for high school studies added the new block to its school facilities which will house 3 classrooms, and staff offices.

“It is pleasing to note that the school has been making progress and meeting the growing needs of the community in terms of providing better education services. South Taveuni Secondary is now the landmark for quality education for the 3,500 people in the 15 communities along the Vuna Road,” commented Dr. Lal.

In speaking to the pioneer students of the school, Dr Lal reminded them to use their facilities well and pursue their dreams in life to positively contribute to the community that has sacrificed to provide a pathway of learning for them.

The teachers of the school were also reminded by the Permanent Secretary to make a difference in the life of students under their care.

“Create the right environment, create the right attitude and a positive mindset for the children so they have a lasting impression of you when they exit this institution,” remarked the Permanent Secretary to the teachers of South Taveuni.

The Permanent Secretary also highlighted the importance of prioritising South Taveuni Secondary School as a healthy school.

The Permanent Secretary also applauded the community in South Taveuni for their enthusiasm and commitment in establishing and expanding South Taveuni Secondary School and said that the new block is a testimony of them not thinking about their individual interest but about the future of their children and their community.



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