Minister for Health and Medical Services Jone Usamate speaks to NGOs’ on the importance of their support in combating NCD. Photo:SUPPLIED.


There is a need for Non-governmental organisations and supporting health agencies to support Government in their efforts to combat the increase of Non-Communicable diseases and diabetes in the country.

These were the comments by the Minister for Health and Medical Services Jone Usamate while opening the Diabetes, Non-Communicable diseases workshop held at Novotel hotel in Suva today.

“As far as diabetes and NCDs are concerned, we all know where we are: in a drastic state indeed. We also know where we want to be. This leaves us to determine how we will get there,” Minister Usamate said.

“While the Fijian Government, through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, is doing its best to tackle this overwhelming problem, it has become evident that the Government cannot do it alone.”

Minister Usamate adds that although faced with unprecedented problem of enormous proportions with Diabetes and other NCDs reaching epidemic levels, we should now move away from the problem-focused mind-set and move towards being solution oriented.

“This means that we should all get together to discover options. We need novel ideas to tackle our issues, but we must carry this out in an orderly manner.”

Diabetes chairman Dr Wahid Khan sharing similar sentiments highlighted the need for various organisations to have an integrated approach in combating these lifestyle diseases.

“We can only combat NCDs’ and diabetes in Fiji, if people have the responsibility to change their lifestyle and be responsible with their own health,” Dr Khan said.

The one day workshop will also feature the formulation of a guideline to combat NCDs’ in the country on a more comprehensive approach.

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