Suvalailai village headman Josevata Tuitai has suggested for Government to continue with the educational grants.Photo:SUPPLIED


Educational grants offered by Government should continue and external examinations should be reinstated into the education system.


These were some of the issues raised during the National Development Plan consultations held in Burebasaga village hall today.


Suvalailai village headman Josevata Tuitai suggested to the consultation team that the free educational grant offered by Government should continue.


“I would like to commend government for the educational grant that is currently in place and I feel that it should continue because it has allowed our children to attend school and has assisted us financially as parent,” Mr Tuitai said.


“Another issue that I would like to raise is for the Ministry of Education to consider reinstating external education examinations because one of the major challenges we face in the rural areas is assisting our children with Class Based Assessments as they require research materials like the internet which most of us do not have access too.”


Mr Tuitai thanked Government for the hosting consultations with people at the grassroots level.


“In the past this was never the case but we have seen a change with this government,  they appreciate the peoples’ views.”


Sharing similar sentiments 68 year old Elenoa Cagilawa Gonelevu commended government’s efforts in hosting such consultations.


“I would appreciate if Government continues with the Social Welfare programs for the elderly and the needy,” Mrs Gonelevu said.


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