Caption:Combine harvester harvesting Totoka Variety Rice.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Grace Road Food Company recorded another achievement as it harvested its second variety of rice in Navua this week. The company has been commended for its role in providing employment for locals and for developing rice farming potential in Navua.  The Company’s managing director, Daniel Kim said the harvest is a success for the company since its establishment last year.

“We are planting four locally grown varieties and they are Star, Totoka, Nuinui and Deepak and our aim is to help and support the economy, upgrade skills, educate and introduce new technologies to the people of Fiji,” he said.

Workers thrashing rice from the combine harvester

Workers thrashing rice from the combine harvester

“Fiji has a suitable condition for planting rice and also the introduction of farm machines such as the combined harvester will help advance the minds of the local as it is easy, convenient and fast compared to the traditional method,” he said.

Sakeasi Labalaba, a landowner together with family and Mataqali members, is one of those that have been assisted by the company.

“We have benefitted a lot from this company, in terms of employment, financial benefits, education of our children and the development of idle land,” he said.

The Ministry’s senior agriculture officer (Serua/Namosi) Aporosa Lalabalavu commended the company for its contribution to Fiji’s economic development.


“It is very interesting as they want to develop rice in Fiji and they are willing to work with the local people to reduce rice import bill and the Ministry of Agriculture is working closely with them to help in areas of irrigation and seed distribution,” he said.

The Grace Road Food Company hopes to extend its rice operation to the North, venture into vegetables, livestock and aquaculture and establish a research institute, Milling Factory and other infrastructures.



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