Caption: The District Commissioner of Lautoka Mr. Jainand Kumar giving Dr. (Mrs.) Ajantha Perera the certificate as the first member of the Green Scouts. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Scouting is compulsory in many countries of the world as it disciplines and builds up the character of a young person. Scouting teaches a person survival and also provides him or her with the ability to build up healthy teams.

Many parents do not allow their children to participate in scouting as they believe that extracurricular activities will take them away from their studies. On the contrary, their ability to organize the day well, will lead them to spend quality time on their studies.

Environmental Protection is a must and it can only be done through human beings. The world is struggling to find responsible, committed persons who would take up the initiatives of environmental protection.

Understanding the value of environmental protection and the abilities of the Scouts we have decided to create a green scouts movement from within the Scouts, who would play a major role in environmental protection activities of Fiji.

The Green Scouts Movement will be inaugurated on Friday the 13th of November 2015 at Saweni beach commencing at 9am.


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