Greenpeace ship, Esperanza in Suva

Greenpeace’s ship, the Esperanza is currently in Suva with the opportunity for a free tour for the public.

The Esperanza was one of 14 similar vessels commissioned by the Russian government and used by the Russian Navy as a fire-fighting ship in Murmansk.

Currently, 30 Greenpeace activists are detained in Russia for a peaceful action taken against the Prirazlomnaya oil rig in September 2013.

Charges of hooliganism and piracy for peace-loving and non-violent protesters who care deeply about the environment are simply outrageous.

This is very heavy-handed and disproportionate approach for people who are helping save our planet and is morally reprehensible. It takes conviction and courage to stand up to the destructive human practices such as overfishing, deforestation, nuclear weapons and the dumping of toxic wastes.

The campaign to slow the destruction of the environment and to be good stewards of it must be conducted in every geographical locality; from pole to pole and along the equator.

As global citizens we should be grateful that Greenpeace remains on the front line. Lest we forget, we owe Greenpeace for their struggle on our behalf for a nuclear free and independent Pacific. Everyone has the right to clean water, fresh air, and a safe future. Free the Arctic 30 as they represent us all and our futures.

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