Hair and beauty salon industry under scrutiny again


Hair and beauty salon industry under scrutiny again

The Consumer Council of Fiji is once again warning consumers to tread carefully when accessing hair salon service.

This warning comes after the Council received a complaint from an Australian consumer who visited a Nadi hair salon for curling her hair for which she paid $60. The hair product that was applied to the customer’s hair gave her a burning sensation and she sustained superficial burns to her neck during the hair treatment.

The complainant suffered a lot of pain and discomfort as her hair had started to fall off. Based on this, the complainant sought compensation from the hair salon for the hair loss, pain and suffering she was put through. The hair salon only refunded the complainant $130 for the service and doctor’s first consultation fee in Fiji. The complainant has burnt wound on her neck and requires medical treatment that is currently ongoing in Australia. The hair salon has refused to compensate for her medical care.

A total of 15 complaints on similar issues were lodged with the Council last year. This is a huge increase from previous years considering the fact that many consumers don’t come forward when it comes to their appearance. A total of 25 complaints against the hair and beauty industry have been registered at the Council in the last five years.

The Council is calling on unregulated hair and beauty salon industry to stop providing shoddy services that does more harm than good to consumers who pay hefty sum for such service.
Salons must ensure that the products used in their hair salons are safe and their staff members are qualified and trained professionals.

Consumers are also urged to always demand for a receipt from hair salons, check if the hair dressers have any qualifications and also check the products being used. Always ask a lot of questions and ensure the service provided is worth your money. If the hair dresser cannot speak the language you understand or the products are in foreign language, it is advisable that you leave the salon immediately.

The Council would like to see the hair and beauty industry regulated to better protect the consumers from various risks.


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