Haskett aims to give children hope

Being back in his place of birth, Australian national blind cricketer Mark Haskett can’t help but feel excited about the inclusive cricket roadshow scheduled throughout the week.

Haskett, who initiated the roadshow yesterday said whilst the trip may be a little bit emotional later on in the week, he may be inspired by some of the kids that he will come across.

“I think the roadshow is a great idea. It’s going to be one of that is exciting – putting the Cricket Fiji brand out there.”

“The more we give Fijian children the choice, the better it is going to be. We need to give choices for kids, we need to give them the best shot possible,” he said.

Haskett says his love for kids and teaching stems from his experiences growing up in a big family.

“I have four sisters and three brothers. I have got 4 nephews at the moment and three more on the way. I have always grown up with a big family. With having lots of kids around, I have always loved to help kids, make them believe anything is possible and teaching them something that I think I can help them achieve,” he said.

Having recently completed Bachelor’s in education Haskett believes in making sure that children have a solid learning environment, one that is safe and allows them to have fun.

“Education around the world is important, after all the kids are going to be looking after us one day.”

“ I suppose putting myself out there, sharing my experiences, talking about what I grew up with the and being honest with it, the kids are going to be a little more inspired as well.

“I guess talking about my journey as a cricketer and as a person and the barriers that I have overcome, will help them achieve what they want,” he said.

The swimming and cricket instructor for Brien Holden Vision Insitute had been adopted from Dilkusha Children’s home at the age of six and his visit this week, marks a time span of 25 years of his return.

He will be present at a host of inclusive cricket workshops throughout the week including a visit to Dilkusha Children’s home tomorrow.

“I have a lot of questions about Dilkusha and I really want to speak to the Deaconess Olivia.I have had friends that have been to Fiji and have gone there (Dilkusha) and they have been a little inspired about it, seeing it and seeing what I lived with at one stage in my life.”

“I am very excited, it’s going to be difficult but I mean the opportunity is there and it might not ever come back,” he said.


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