Health Benefits of Ovaltine


Ovaltine is a brand of drink mix, available in malt and chocolate flavors, that contains essential vitamins and minerals. Kids and adults drink Ovaltine as a warm or cold beverage. Consumed in moderation, it offers health benefits by providing considerable amounts of several vitamins and minerals.


Ovaltine is a fat-free drink, which encourages good heart health. According to the American Heart Association, reducing saturated fat, cholesterol and trans-fat in your diet can help increase heart health by reducing the risk of developing heart disease or Type-2 diabetes. Reduced fat consumption can also help reduce the risk of high cholesterol, which may lead to heart disease. However, making your Ovaltine with most types of milk — anything but non-fat — increases the fat content of your meal and reduces its nutritional value.

B-Complex Vitamins

Ovaltine contains an array of B-complex vitamins, which are used in the body to convert food to energy and to control appetite, mood, sleep, contraction and relaxation of nerves and muscles, and metabolism. Vitamin B6, also found in potatoes, spinach and fish, works to support the brain. Consuming a serving of Ovaltine contributes 15 percent toward your daily value of vitamin B-6.


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