In the fight against non -communicable diseases (NCD), the Rakiraki hospital staff have embarked on a wellness initiative by incorporating a ‘fruit and water’ diet to stress the importance of healthy eating.

This initiative began today with the Hon. Assistant Health Minister Mrs Veena Bhatnagar visiting the Rakiraki hospital and continuing with official visits of health facilities in the Ra subdivision.

“This initiative goes onto show that the Ministry of Health & Medical Services is walking our talk and setting an example to patients and other people that access our health facilities”, said the Assistant Minister.

The Ministry of Health & Medical Services staff based in Dinem House and Namosi House in Suva also commenced on a “Walk our talk” initiative this past Wednesday.This began with a health walk and physical activities will continue every consecutive Wednesdays for the Ministry staff. This initiative was first led by the Minister for Health and Medical Services, Hon. Jone Usamate, when he led a health walk campaign in Lautoka recently.

“Our health system and our economy are struggling under the burden of NCD’s, but most of all, we are robbing ourselves of longer, healthier and happier lives and a lot of this has to do with unhealthy lifestyles and bad habits that lay the foundation for NCD’s to develop. These are behaviors within our control to change, such as how much we exercise and what we put in our mouths”, said Minister Usamate.

Meanwhile the Health Ministry continues to advise the public to maintain a healthy balanced diet and incorporate exercises into their daily routine.



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