HIT to launch Baltic Sea regeneration project

One aspect of our technology not previously revealed is its use in cleaning up and regenerating the seas.

The Baltic sea is in a critical state of degeneration with toxicity levels at an all time high. The Baltic and its eco system are dying.

HNG technology can rapidly turn this situation around by deploying HNG units suspended from buoys placed in a grid across the surface of the Baltic.

A trial phase will be launched during 2014 in collaboration with joint venture partners.

HIT plans to expand the project in collaboration with sponsorship partners. Partners from commerce, industry and communities will be encouraged to ‘sponsor’ a buoy to participate in the regeneration project.

A promotion film for the Baltic sea regeneration project called “Seaver” is in the planning phase. The film will be produced as a promotional model to show how the Baltic and other seas can be regenerated.

An estimated 5000 HIT buoys will be needed to complete the Baltic project. There will be a high profile media campaign to engage companies, communities, groups, individuals and organizations to participate in the project, which will be open to everyone. Each buoy will be linked to its own data stream web page allowing sponsors to keep updated and informed about their adopted buoy. Each buoy will have its own individual name chosen by the sponsors.

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