House Fire Leaves Family Homeless


Two families are today homeless following two separate home fires yesterday.

The first fire incident was recorded in Savunawai Stage 2, Votualevu, Nadi where a 2 bedroom concrete and corrugated iron lean-to house was completely destroyed.


The house belonging to a 40 year old taxi driver was vacant at the time of the incident. At around 7pm the family left their home to attend a wedding and 40 minutes later they received a call from a neighbor informing them that their house was on fire.

Attempts to extinguish the fire were unsuccessful. The cause of fire is yet to be established with cost of damage estimated at $20,000.

In the second fire incident recorded in the Eastern Division a 50 year old farmer of Naiseibitu Village was completely destroyed in a fire last night at around 7.30pm.

The house was vacant at the time and the cause of the fire is believed to have been from a kerosene lantern which was left unattended.

Neighbours raised the alarm and the cost of damage is estimated at $5,000 as investigations continue.

Meanwhile, on another note people handling flammable materials are requested to take extra precautions especially when children are around.

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