How Naya Rivera Compares to All the Glee Cast Shake-Ups

We’re pretty sure the Bermuda Triangle is actually located in Lima, Ohio.

Over the past five seasons, Glee has had more characters randomly disappear and then (sometimes) reappear—resulting in a baffling number of cast shakeups since the series’ 2009 premiere.

Most recently, it was revealed that star Naya Rivera has been written out of the comedy’s upcoming fifth season finale. Although there were reports of a fued on set between Rivera and her co-star Lea Michele, sources exclusively revealed to E! News that Naya’s departure has “nothing to do with Lea.”

And yet, reports are also surfacing that Lea’s record label, Columbia Records, has dropped Naya Rivera. It’s all…so…mysterious…

A rep for the actress released a statement, saying, “Any rumors or statements made as fact, that Naya Rivera was fired or let go from Glee or dropped from her recording contract, are categorically false.”

Well, whoever made the decision, what we do know is that Rivera will not be appearing in Glee‘s season five finale, which wraps production today. And as of now, it is unclear if the actress will appear in Glee‘s sixth and final season.

“We love Naya and want only the best for her,” one insider who works on the show tells E! News.

“Hopefully we can work it out…Right now we all needed a moment. Best for everyone.”

And while Naya’s disappearing act is  the most dramatic, and highest-profile, it is certainly not the first.


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