HRH Princess Pilolevu Tuita opens National Strategic Planning Workshop on Peace, Unity and Development in Tonga

16 September, 2014 – HRH Princess Salote Pilolevu Tuita today opened the UNDP Strengthening Capacities for Peace, Unity and Development (CPAD) Strategic Planning Workshop at Fa’onelua Convention Centre with participants from Government Ministries, communities and villages, non-government organisations, civil society organisations (CSOs) and other relevant stakeholders with support from the Australian Government.

“Peace building strategies that go hand in hand with God’s words in the bible will ensure a sustainable way forward for Tonga” said Her Royal Highness in her keynote address.

The three-day workshop is led by Janet Murdock, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Specialist at UNDP’s Pacific Centre. She called on participants to chart Tonga’s future strategy for peace and development, and to make sure that, “Over the next few days we’ll make a difference…to build a future that is prosperous for you and your children.”

In his vote of thanks, Speaker of Tonga’s Legislative Assembly and Honourable Chair for CPAD Tonga, Lord Fakafanua thanked Her Royal Highness Princess Pilolevu Tuita, the Government of Tonga, members of the Diplomatic Corps and development partners as well as CSOs and non-government Organisations for their support.

“I want to also thank the district and town officers and participants here today. This is an opportunity to share recommendations that will map out the direction for Tonga’s future. We hope you will have a good and fruitful meeting this week and that you will return to your communities and share this good work and the lessons learnt.”

The national consultation continues on Thursday 18 September and Friday 19 September, 2014; a Prayer Breakfast will be held on Saturday 20 September, 2014 to mark the International Day of Peace, and will conclude with a Church Thanksgiving service at the Nuku’alofa Church of Tonga to be led by the President, Rev. Semisi Fonua.


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