The launch of the inaugural trip for a tourist cruise ship today to the Lau group demonstrates the positive growth of Fiji’s tourism industry.
This was highlighted by the Minister for Works, Transport and Public Utilities MrTimoci Lesi Natuva as he officiated on behalf of Government at the inaugural launch.
“This new development will boost our thriving tourism industry by attracting more tourists into our shores.”
The Minister highlighted the contribution from the tourism sector to Fiji adding that it is “Fiji’s fastest growing industry in terms of employment creation and foreign exchange earnings”.
Today’s launch will see the vessel set sail for the first time to the Lau Group and in particular to Vanuabalavu, Fulaga Island, Kabara, Totoya and Wailagilagi. This, the Minister said would influence and boost employment for locals living in these communities.
“It provides an opportunity for small village businesses such as the sale of art and craft products such as wood carvings, baskets and necklaces by villagers.”
Tourists who were the first to sail today were treated to a performance by the police jazz band also performed at today’s event.

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