Inclusive Cricket peaks as Suva Girls’ Cricket Comp reaches its final stages


As the Suva Secondary School Girls’ Cricket Tournament reaches it’s final stages, Cricket Fiji spoke to Thomas Wong, coach of the Gospel High School girls’ cricket teams, which for the first time have included students from Gospel School for the Deaf in their mainstream cricket sides.

Mr Wong said that he has experienced a lot of positives from integrating Gospels’ mainstream students with Camari Adidauna and Sarote Vamarasi School from the Deaf students for the first time.  With the schools being located adjacent to each other he said “it was not something new” for any of the girls involved

“I don’t see it as a problem,” Mr Wong said of having students both with and without hearing impairments on the same cricket team. “We have a few of the girls in our (mainstream) team who also know sign language…so that really helps.”

Mr Wong also added that both groups of girls seemed to enjoy playing together, and that he had noticed social benefits of the students from both schools playing cricket together.

“Now in the school you seem them hanging out together,” he explained.

Mr Wong continued to say it was beneficial to have players of all abilities playing in the same team.

“So far yes (they have improved)…now they have the team spirit and they enjoy (it) they understand the game more.”

In the results of last Friday’s round of matches in the Suva Secondary School Girls’ Cricket Tournament, on ground one at Albert Park Adi Cakobau School (ACS) defeated Lomary Secondary Schools’ team one, with Ruci Taivesu from ACS being named best on ground with bowling figures of 3-5.  Over on ground two Gospel’s team two scored a win over Lomary’s team two, with Caroline Magoone once again having a good game for Gospel, taking 2-4.

The final round of pool matches will be played tomorrow at Albert Park.  Gospel’s team one will play D.A.V. Girls’ School, and Lelean Memorial School with face Ratu Sukuna Memorial School.  Play will commence at 2.30pm.

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