Interplast Australia & New Zealand (Interplast) will visit the Labasa Hospital in Labasa to facilitate general plastic and reconstructive surgical services and training from 14 to 21 March 2015. The team will be led by surgeon Dr David Ying and will include two surgeons, two anaesthetists and two nurses.

The Interplast medical team will conduct a consultation clinic on Monday 16 March at 8:30am in the outpatient’s clinic at the Labasa Hospital. Plastic and reconstructive surgery will be performed at Labasa Hospital from 17 to 20 March.

Patients with conditions including hypospadias, cleft lip and palate, scarring from burns, hand injuries and tumours are urged to contact the surgical unit at the Labasa Hospital for an appointment. Please note that patients with common skin diseases or cosmetic conditions will be excluded from this consultation.

Interplast medical teams, funded by the Australian Government and Rotary Clubs in Australia and New Zealand, have been visiting Fiji since 1983 to provide free surgical intervention programs to relieve people of disability. To date, 8818 consultations and 4820 life-changing procedures have been conducted in Fiji.

The Labasa program will be the 117th Interplast visit to Fiji.

To make an appointment to see the Interplast team at Labasa, contact:
Surgical Unit at Labasa Hospital. Ph: 8811444

For further information about Interplast’s programs in Fiji, contact:
Thomas Loporto ( Ph: + 61 3 9249 1231



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