Inward Attention for Outer Success

I need to respond to Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa ( FT 15 June).Contrary to Savenaca’s explanation,TM is not opposed to Christianity or any other religion.While TM is not a religion or based on any religious beliefs ( but only a technique for increased knowledge  and enlightenment ), it is in fact a friend to all religions.
The treasures within that I referred to in my letter is the same as what Christ spoke of in his time.He said the kingdom of heaven is within you.” Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things ( our material needs)  will be added on to you.” And the indwelling spirit inside the man that Savenaca refers to will recreate and empower people  to enjoy full life.So the indwelling spirit is also deep within us( not far away).That is why in TM we allow the mind to go  inwards ( transcend)
When this is the case there should be no fear of death.
It is not a case of choosing Christ or TM  for the reasons I have given There is no conflict between the two So all that we want is available within us.It will therefore good if people take up the practice and improve their lives.People claim they are Christians,Muslims or Hindus.TM will help them to be practising Christians,Muslims or Hindus rather than exist in name only and be good,recreated,rejuvenated and energised, able to fulfill  our  desires,aspirations,ambitions etc.In short enable us to live a very dignified,peaceful,happy life.
In these times of hardship TM,I feel, is a very valuable tool to have.The sooner one starts the sooner one feels the many benefits that come up.

With very kind regards and best wishes,

Hassan Ali,
21 Vitogo Parade,

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