Is LTA steering Fiji Safely?


The Consumer Council of Fiji is shocked with the comments made by LTA CEO, Mr. Naisa Tuinaceva that LTA will first need to consult the bus companies before deciding whether to ground the fleets of bus companies. (FT 26/6/13)

Is LTA going to wait for another horrific bus fire to claim more lives before deciding to take action? It is a safety issue and commuters expect LTA to act independently as a regulator.  In fact a tougher stance should be taken by LTA to put an end to buses which are not fit to be on the road.

The Council is concerned because this is not the first time a bus from the Raiwaqa Buses Limited fleet caught fire, so why consult the bus company first before deciding to ground the buses?

Consumers who pay fares for using public transportation should not be jumping out of the bus windows to save their life. It is the last thing a consumer expects from a service provider.

In today’s local newspaper (FT 26/6/13), consumers have also raised their concerns in relation to the bus fires, putting LTA under the spotlight.

This repeated incident also raises eyebrows as to what the regulatory body is doing in terms of passenger safety and the Council questions whether LTA is actually “steering Fiji safely”?

The Consumer Council is urging LTA to take a tougher stance such as cancelling route license and giving the route to a bus operator with better track record.



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