By Salote Qalubau

A total of 33 students were inducted into the students’ representative council of International School Nadi on Thursday February 12.

“It’s important that as a school the students have a voice in terms of decision making. The students’ representative council is a tradition for the school and has been here for a good number of years.

“The 33 inducted today include all the year six’s ,all the year thirteen’s and then two at each level from year seven to year twelve as well as the house captains and we had to elect two head girls as we have a shortage of boys, “said school Principal Hector Hatch.

Issues addressed by the council range from uniform changes, better lockers, repairing of chairs and tables or basically advising the school board on the needs of the students. The council will be spearheaded by head prefects Iris Pene and Neha Hiralal.

“In the fourth term we invite nominations from students and they nominate whoever they wish for the different positions, we then have an election process and a certain timeline where we tell the students that in two or three weeks’ time we will have an election so that gives the students time to have an election hearing, presentations in the assembly and then we have election day,

Election Day ballots are cast and later brought across to the Principal and to the year level coordinators who assist in counting the votes .The announcement of the senior head students positions are normally revealed on Prize giving day whilst other positions are announced the following year.

“I feel it’s a really important part of ISN to have student representation because that encourages democracy from a very early age and the fact that it is a vital thing in our modern economy and society that the young people’s voices are heard,” Mr. Hatch said.



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