Judicial Decision on Telecom B Division Finals 2014

The finals for the 2014 TFL B Division competition will be between Bligh Water Shipping Cakaudrove and Handy Finance Naitasiri North Bulls.

This decision was made late yesterday afternoon by the presiding Judicial Officer. Malolo Rugby Union was found to be in breach of the competition rules with regards to player eligibility.

The complaint was lodged by Naitasiri North Bulls within 48 hours of the gaming alleging that a few Malolo Rugby players were registered for two unions in a season without the approval of the Fiji Rugby Union.

This was in breach of the Competition General Rules which states:

“As a general rule, no player shall be eligible to represent two Unions in any competition in one season, unless for exceptional circumstances and approved in writing by the FRU on a case by case situation”. 

There was ample evidence indicating the above.

According to the TFL B Division Rules and Regulations, Breach of Eligibility of Regulations in the case of a union, will result in the union losing its points and the opposition will be declared the winner.

The Malolo Rugby Union was given 24 hours to appeal the decision which they did earlier today.  A decision pending the outcome of the appeal by the presiding Judicial Officer will be made known later this afternoon.



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