Karate Fiji National Championship

The Karate Fiji annual National Championship, sees more than 71 athletes participate this weekend.

Four Dojos (Clubs) will be represented, namely Goju Ryu Lautoka, Lautoka Shotokan, Karate Nadi, and Suva Goju Ryu (formerly China Club).

The Championship begins at 8.30 am Saturday 17 August, with Kata events for the first half of the day, and the Kumite events (sparring) to follow in the afternoon. Athletes as young as 6 years old will take to the mats.

This event will assist the technical team in identifying potential athletes for the upcoming Karate Fiji International in September and next year’s Oceania Championship to be hosted for the 2nd time in Fiji. Karate Fiji is grateful to all supporters for their continued assistance towards Karate Fiji events.

(Article courtesy of Angela Birch)

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