Karate Nadi Karatekas scoop medals in their first ever international championship competition

Caption: Nadi Karate Karatekas. Photo: SUPPLIED.


Five Karate Nadi Karatekas have won medals in their first ever international championships competition at the 2013 Australia Open Championships.

Karate Nadi President, Anthony Mason said he is very happy with their achievements.

“Given our lesser developed standards and resources when compared to that of Australia, New Zealand, even New Caledonia, we can comfortably say that “we came, we saw, we conquered,” he said.

Mason also said the commitment from a small local dojo is amazing, as it has all paid off.

“I also am referring to how we as a small local dojo, and the parents in the dojo, were committed to still make it a passionate point to send our select karatekas to represent us at this annual, well established international karate event, despite it not being a nationally participated event like previous years.”

“And we are really glad that we did, as this year’s Australian Open seemed like it was even bigger. The China national karate team also participated in the Open, as well as the national teams of New Caledonia and PNG, whom I was told we beat as far as medal tally is concerned,” he said.

The open results are as follows;

Kata Individual Female Children BRONZE Braelynn Yee (Senia Mua made it to the 4th round. This event had about 37 competitors so this was a great achievement), Kata Individual Male Juniors BRONZE Chesley Yee, Kumite Individual Female Children -43kg BRONZE Braelynn Yee, Kumite Individual Male Cadets -52kg BRONZE Sakaraia Racika, Kumite Individual Male Juniors -55 GOLD Chesley Yee, Kumite Individual Male Juniors -76 SILVER Makoto Racika.

In addition, Chesley Yee, Makoto Racika, Sakaraia Racika and Aisha Rafiq represented Natabua High School on Friday 19th April at the Australian Schools & Universities Karate Championships.

“Another momentous occasion for them and for their high school, a first for Natabua High School,” Mason said.

Their results are as follows;

Kumite Individual Female Juniors -53 and -59kg SILVER Aisha Rafiq (Natabua High School), Kumite Individual Male Cadets -52kg BRONZE Sakaraia Racika (Natabua High School), Kumite Individual Male Juniors -55 and -61kg BRONZE Chesley Yee (Natabua High School), Kumite Individual Male Juniors -76 and +76kg BRONZE Makoto Racika (Natabua High School).

“We are also very thankful to a lot of people & organizations in Sydney. Braeman Yee’s family, MOB Sydney, Catholic Parish in Liverpool; and also to Air Pacific, who were of immense help and support to the team. Not forgetting Sempai Joji Veremalua who was a huge help towards their training prior to departing Fiji”.

“Karate Nadi has big plans for the 2014 Australian Open whereby we are committed to send many more of our deserving and hardworking karatekas.” added Mr. Mason







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