Caption: Fiji’s top striker Roy Krishna teaching foot work to Nadi Sangam under 10 boys during the training period at Nadi Sangam School.Photo By ASHTOSH SINGH

Fiji’s wonder boy Roy Krishna together with national coach Juan Carlos Buzzetti and former Nadi and Lautoka coach Imdad Ali were at Nadi Sangam School to mark the introduction of the junior football coaching clinic for the Sangam students this afternoon.

The clinic marks the open of the first coaching clinic in Nadi for the young ones as far as Fijian football has been concerned. The equipment is said to be funded by Fiji FA while Roy Krishna is sponsored for the season to take the coaching classes for the lads by Vuksick and Borich a Civil Engineering company from New Zealand.

“This coaching clinic will help improve the development of soccer in Fiji from the start, as these boys will be future players to come,” National coach Carlos Buzzetti said.

The students are graded 10, 12 and 14yrs with 15 in each group and are given training on ball work and other basics just to start from.

“It’s indeed a pleasure to be with these kids and teach them a little of what I know,” said Roy Krishna.

“They remind me of my young days when all I could see was a soccer ball and a playing field,” added Krishna.

Meanwhile the team will also open up a general soccer clinic for the Nadi division at Sabeto Sangam School of which children of 10, 12 and 14 years could get training starting from an early age.

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