Lack of transport reason for low turnout: Police

The Chief Operations Officer ACP Rusiate Tudravu has received reports from the head of the Divisions concerned regarding the poor turnout at the Commissioner of Police’s third quarter parade last Friday.

After going through the reports, ACP Tudravu says he is satisfied with the reasons given adding the issue of transportation was the major cause of the low turnout.

ACP Tudravu says no further disciplinary action will be taken, however they have been severely warned accordingly.

Any future laxity will not be tolerated.


Rainy Days ahead..Take Care: Police

With the heavy rain warning in force the Fiji Police Force is calling on members of the public to take the necessary precautions for their safety.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has stated that periods of heavy rain may lead to flash flooding and those living in flood prone areas are reminded to take the necessary precautions.

Please ensure that your children stay indoors and do not let them out to play in the rain as the nearby drains that are flooded.

Be considerate when driving on the road and be wary of pedestrians trying to avoid the rain.

It has been noted that people tend to ignore these simple warnings and this has led to many mishaps where lives have been lost.

We are calling on everyone to look after their families and not to take any unnecessary risks.

This is also particularly for mariners.

The Fiji Police Force will be out there to ensure that everyone is safe during this period of unfavourable weather.



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