Ladies night out a huge success


THE iconic Suva Central Complex was a hive of activity on Wednesday evening (29.07.15) as hundreds of ladies flocked into Prouds Suva Central to be part of an attractive themed night.

Organized by the Prouds Suva team, ‘Ladies Night Out’, a themed event launched in 2013 has become popular amongst Prouds customers in just over two-years.

Prouds Suva Central Manager, Nilesh Chand who innovated this concept says the event provides them with an opportunity to give customers a different characteristic on the range of products they have by showcasing it in a way which highlights the importance of quality and comparison with other brands and products in the market.

“The entire atmosphere was exciting and interesting and customers were carried away by the alluring offers and the glamorous idea for showcasing our world-class products,” Mr Chand said.Prouds 4

Mr Chand said in-store promotions, great specials and showcasing of products through modelling, entertainment and refreshments formed the highlights of the event.

“All ladies felt very special and they were honoured to be part of ‘Ladies Night Out’ event,” Mr Chand said.

“It was an astonishing experience. For every event we always try to implement new ideas and we are incredibly appreciative to our stylist and fashion blogger Mario Basilio for coordinating the modelling show which turned out to be a major attraction for the night.”

Australian tourist Marina Attias who is currently holidaying in Fiji was delighted to be part of the night event.

“I really enjoyed yesterday’s (Wednesday’s) event,” she told the Prouds marketing team.

“The service was brilliant. With shoes, models and champagne, the night was just great.

“My three girlfriends also had a great time. They all bought, shoes, make-ups, Prada sunglasses and Guess necklaces.”

Sonam Deo who is a trainer in the human resource department of an overseas based company shared similar sentiments.

“I really enjoyed the event, it was something different,” Ms Deo said.

Ms Deo who is a regular customer of Prouds said this was her first time to attend the event.

“I love the Lancome range of fragrances and will now make myself available during all such events to enjoy the great discounts and service.”


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